Fall Open is here

The SCMBC Fall Open is this coming Saturday for all who are interested.  You can call Jerry Smith the clubs’ tourney director or print off an application form from the “opens” tab at the top of the page.  The tournament will once again be held on Wamplers Lake in Brooklyn and is a team event.  You do not have to be a club member to fish, this is an open tournament for anyone who wants to fish.  The gates are scheduled to open at 8am and we will be checking in teams before that outside of the entrance to the park.  We will try and begin the event as close to 8 as possible but all will be dependent on when they decide to open the gates.

The starting order will be determined by when we receive each paid entry so get them in if you plan to fish.  The weather is projected to be great with highs in the upper 70′s and rain being only a slight chance.  Hope to see everyone there, they should be biting.

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LSC Patterns

The club finished up the regular season last weekend on Lake St. Clair and once again, LSC showed why it’s the best smallmouth fishery in the state.  17.63 pounds won and it took 14 pounds just to get a paycheck.  I was lucky enough to find a school of fish and caught enough to hold off Russ Bissell and Neil Johnson for the win.  I was out of contention for the Angler of the Year title and took a “swing for the fences” approach and it paid off, kind of.


Most of my information leading up to the tourney told me I had to be out deep, 16-18 fow since the fish had not moved shallow yet for the fall feeding frenzy.  I practiced out deep and caught some good quality fish, but they were hard to get and 7-8 bites a day were the norm.  It isn’t fun fishing that way but I wasn’t looking to catch 20 fish, I wanted 20 pounds.  I marked a few spots where we caught some decent fish in 16 feet of water and decided to spend most of the day dragging drop shots rigs and tubes out there looking for a big limit.  And as usual, things didn’t go as planned but in a good way for once.

Tourney Day:

Fishing deep is quite boring and I thought I could catch a few smaller keepers up shallow first thing in the morning before heading out to the main lake.  I had a few weed beds marked up near the Harley Ensign launch and figured I’d buzz in there and throw spinnerbaits and power fish for about an hour just in case a few fish were biting shallow.  The first spot was a trench about 100 yards long with weeds surrounding it, nothing spectacular and not a place I really did well on before but it was the first coordinate I came to.  Sometimes you need a little luck in tournaments and on a spot where I hoped to catch a small keeper or two, ended up coughing up the mother load.  Two hours later my boating partner Mike Maske and I had put over 30 pounds of smallmouth in the livewell and never left 6 foot of water!

Mike was throwing a chartreuse spinnerbait and had a limit in about 45 minutes.  I couldn’t get bit consistently on the blades so switched to a Zoom Super Fluke in chartreuse pearl color and within 3 casts slammed the hook on a fish just under 5 pounds that would take the big bass honors.  The next 2 hours were pretty fast and furious on the fluke and spinnerbait and we culled several times each.  We estimated landing about 25 fish out of that weed bed by 9am before we headed for new water.  It’s easy to look for bigger fish when you already had double digit limits swimming in the live wells.

We eventually went out deep for a few hours but only caught one fish, one that upgraded my limit by about a 1/2 pound but that was it.  Thank god we checked the shallow stuff because it would have been a long day out in the deep water.  We couldn’t get anything going anywhere else up shallow after the initial flurry but were pumped up about our day regardless.  Mike ended up taking fourth and probably caught more fish than I did and we both had an awesome day which for me lately had been hard to come by.

Twelve of the 18 competitors weighed-in limits and it also matched the biggest club turnout of the season (tying with the first St. Clair event).  Jim Rice took fifth and also took home the AOY title, his 7th I believe.  Good job Jim.  We also handed out 8 invitations to the “Classic” which is essentially the club championship.  The 8 invitees are Jim Rice, Scott Rice, Mark Dereadt, Bill Maurer, Roy Albert, Jerry Smith, Art Honsinger and Leo Knox.  Congrats to everyone.

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LSC Results

Lake St. Clair (September 7th, 2014)

1.   Jerry Smith  (5 fish)  17.63 lbs

2.   Neil Johnson  (5)  15.28

3.   Russ Bissell  (5)  15.13

4.   Mike Maske  (5)  13.99

5.   Jim Rice  (5)  13.35

6.   Leo Knox  (5)  12.22

7.   Jay Dereadt  (5)  11.40

8.   Bill Maurer  (5)  11.16

9.   Mark Dereadt  (5)  11.02

10.  Art Honsinger  (5)  10.71

11.  Trish Rice  (4)  9.90

12.  Scott Rice  (4)  9.55

13.  Melissa Rice  (5)  9.45

14.  Jim Vanaken  (4)  8.71

15.  Roy Albert  (3)  8.66

16.  Scott Hartman  0.00

16.  Matt Zelenka  0.00

16.  Tim Chapman  0.00

Big Bass #1:  Jerry Smith  4.88 lbs

Big Bass #2:  Russ Bissell  4.58 lbs

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St. Clair Directions

-I-94 east to Metro Parkway (exit 236)

-East on Metro Parkway for about 1/2 mile to the light @Crocker Rd

-Turn right on Crocker Rd, there will be a Mcdonalds and a small strip mall on the Corner

-On Crocker for about 1/2 mile towards the lake until the light @Jefferson

-Quick right on Jefferson and the launch will be on the left, probably a 1/4 mile down

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Fall Open Enty Form.  Saturday May 20th Wamplers Lake.  Double click to open printable form:


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Wixom Patterns

Wixom Lake coughed up the clubs’ biggest bass in 2013 and last weekend it looked like 2014 will be a repeat.  Bill Maurer hauled in a 5.74 pounder en route to a 16+ pound limit and his second win of the season.  He caught the brute in a large cut by flipping a senko near a pontoon boat which was also his strategy for most of the day.

Maurer had a small limit with less than an hour to go in the derby when he entered the cut on the river system.  The bite had been slow but Bill is a grinder and knew the fish was a big one when he set the hook.  He followed that up with a 4 1/2 pound smallmouth under a pontoon about 5 minutes later.  How’s that for a 7 pound upgrade at 2:30!

Bill and really most of the top finishers threw weightless stickbaits either on weedlines or to docks.  There was a big weed kill days before the tournament which made fishing a little tougher and small limits were abundant.  Jim Rice took second and followed that up with a win on day two which puts him in control of the AOY race.

The club will have it’s 10th and final event the first Sunday in September on Lake St. Clair.

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Wixom Day #2

1.  Jim Rice  (5 fish)  10.09 lbs

2.  Scott Rice  (5)  9.4

3.  Connie Honsinger  (5)  8.22

4.  Mark Dereadt  (3)  8.27

5.  Leo Knox  (4)  8.03

6.  Bill Maurer  (4)  7.93

7.  Art Honsinger  (3)  7.55

8.  Roy Albert  (2)  4.44

9.  Melissa Rice  (1)  2.19

Big Bass #1:  Bill Maurer  3.08 lbs

Big Bass #2:  Art Honsinger  3.05

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Wixom Day #1

1.   Bill Maurer  (5fish)  16.18 lbs

2.   Jim Rice  (5)  11.21

3.   Roy Albert  (5)  10.47

4.   Jeff Taylor  (5)  10.19

5.   Ethan Angstman  (5)  9.41

6.   Mark Dereadt  (5)  8.85

7.   Scott Rice  (5)  8.40

8.   Leo Knox  (4)  7.12

9.   Jim Vanaken  (4)  6.60

10.  Trish Rice  (3)  6.38

11.  Art Honsinger  (1)  3.63

12.  Jerry Smith  (2)  3.35

13.  Connie Honsinger  (1)  3.00

14.  Melissa Rice  0.00

15.  Matt Zelenka  0.00

Big Bass #1:  Bill Maurer  5.74 lbs

Big Bass #2:  Art Honsinger  3.63 lbs


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