Bill Rules

Bill Maurer has fished SCMBC for a long time and is the epitome of what a club can do for a fisherman.  He started out as a co-angler fishing out of other members’ boats and learning as he did so.  Bill slowly caught on and eventually started to  become one of the better fishermen in the club.  Once he got a boat and started learning the lakes and new techniques, he also started to become an Angler of the Year contender.



Bill came close a few years, finishing second a few times but things never came together like it needs to for a whole season to contend for the title.  Next thing you know, he was a 15 year vet who won a lot of events but just couldn’t get over the hump.  That is until 2015 when it did all come together and the guy who was a bridesmaid several times posted one of the most dominating seasons ever!  Bill won three times, catching a limit in every event and winning the weight title by 20 pounds.  He amassed over 100 pounds in only 8 events and showed everyone what a great fisherman he has become.


It just goes to show what determination and a will to learn and get better can do for someone.  It didn’t happen overnight and for Bill it probably seemed like it would never happen but that’s what made his AOY title so great.  Great job Bill, we won’t be a bit surprised if you win another in 2016!



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2015 Banquet

Just a reminder that the club banquet will be held at Steaks Eatery in Vandercook Lake on Saturday, October 17th.  Cost is $20 and contact me (Jerry Smith) or Kathy Maurer if you have any questions.  There will be dinner and some great prizes to be raffled off.  Hope to see everyone there!

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Classic Results

2015 Classic (BawBeese Lake)

1.   Jerry Smith  (4 fish)  8.87 lbsClassic

2.   Jim Rice  (3)  4.89

3.   Leo Knox  (3)  4.63

4.   Scott Rice  (2)  3.15

5.   Roy Albert  (2)  2.71

6.   Jim VanAken  (1)  1.81

7.   Bill Maurer  (1)  1.55

8.   Melissa Rice  0.00

8.   Mark Deraedt  0.00

Big Bass #1:  Jerry Smith  (5.18 lbs)

Big Bass #2:  Leo Knox  (1.91 lbs)

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2015 Classic

Just a reminder to all “Classic” competitors that we will be meeting at Denny’s restaurant tomorrow morning at 5:30am.  We will then choose our lake randomly and fish the tournament which will determine the 2015 “champion”.  Results will be posted soon, congrats to all who made it this year!  Denny’s is located on Airport Rd. in Jackson, just across from Meijers.

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Fall Open Results 2015

1.   Justin Taylor/Josh Sloan  (5 fish)  14.31 lbs

2.   Jim Rice/Mike Pritchard  (5)  13.29

3.   Bill and Kathy Maurer  (5)  13.28

4.   Dan Curylo/James Stine  (5)  9.70

5.   VanAken/Albert  (5)  8.85

6.   Bosley/Landers  (4)  8.74

7.   Flamini/Verse  (5)  8.32

8.   Rumm/Rienicki  (4)  7.66

9.   Rumsey/Shirey  (5)  7.19

10.  Knox/Knox  (4)  6.92

11.  Keith Vogel  (3)  6.71

12.  Smith/Maske  (2)  6.24

13.  Bittinger/Bittinger  (2)  4.51

14.  Dereadt/Rice  0.00

14.  Chapman/Chapman  0.00

Big Bass:  Maske/Smith  (4.27)

Big Bass:  Maurer/Maurer  (4.27)

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Center Results 2015

Michigan Center (Sept 13th)

1.   Bill Maurer  (5 fish)  9.64 lbs

2.   Roy Albert  (3)  4.82

3.   Scott Hartman  (2)  4.31

4.   Jim Vanaken  (2)  3.59

5.   Melissa Rice  (1)  2.68

6.   Tim Chapman  (1)  1.53

7.   Jim Rice  (1)  1.50

8.   Mark Dereadt  (1)  1.48

9.   Art Honsinger  0.00

9.   Connie Honsinger  0.00

9.   Dave Smith  0.00

9.   Mikey Getter  0.00

9.   Scott Rice  0.00

Big Bass #1:  Bill Maurer  3.02 lbs

Big Bass #2:  Melissa Rice  2.68 lbs

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Tourney Change

The regular season club finale scheduled for BawBeese Lake this Sunday has been changed.  We will now fish our alternate lake which is Michigan Center at the DNR launch.  Tourney hours will be the same, 7-3pm.  The Indiana Outboard Association is having a boat race on BawBeese and the main launch will be closed to the public according to the Hillsdale City Park Department.  The secondary launch has only one lane with very minimal parking and is in bad shape.  As tourney director I felt it was necessary to change the venue and hope it won’t cause too many problems for our membership.

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Fall Open

Here is the entry for the fall open.  The tournament is on Wamplers Lake on Saturday September, 19th.  Check in starts at 7am outside the gate if closed, and will continue till 8am once the gates open, Fish 8:30am-4:30pm.  60$ per 2 man team if paid entry by 9/18/15,   $70 if paid the morning of.  Optional $10 big bass

fall open

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