Kent Results

1.   Melissa Rice  (5 fish)  15.8 lbs

2.   Roy Albert  (5)  14.10

3.   Tim Chapman  (5)  13.98

4.   Mark Dereadt  (5)  12.54

5.   Jim Rice  (5)  10.89

6.   Scott Rice  (5)  10.60

7.   Bill Maurer  (5)  10.06

8.   Leo Knox  (5)  9.36

9.   Neil Johnson  (5)  9.29

10.  Patrick Sherwood  (5)  8.61

11.  Jerry Smith  (5)  7.21

12.  Jim Vanaken  (5)  6.78

13.  Ethan Angstman  (4)  5.93

14.  Mikey Getter  (2)  3.89

15.  Art Honsinger  (2)  3.22

16.  Scott Hartman  0.00

16.  Dave Smith  0.00

Big Bass #1:  Melissa Rice  4.34 lbs

Big Bass #2:  Tim Chapman  4.17 lbs

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Kent Lake

With one tourney in the books it’s time for the club to get back into action as we travel to Kent Lake this coming Saturday.  This has quickly become one of our favorite venues and for good reason.  It’s a big lake with minimal recreational boat traffic and the bass always seem to bite.  Our event will run from 7-3pm and we will be using the west end launch which is a change from seasons past.  The launch is located near the golf course and can be accessed by taking exit 151 off I-96 near Brighton and then heading east towards the lake.


Remember the check in time will be from 6-6:30 and anything later than that will result in a penalty or disqualification.  Jim Vanaken will send out a club wide email detailing launch info in a day or so.


As for the fishing, I was on Kent a few days ago and did manage to catch a few.  There were still a few skinny post-spawn fish but several that had bellies so hopefully the transition from spawn to summer fishing will be over soon.  I did catch one smallmouth but mostly green fish although the rain/wind made it difficult to do much of anything.  I will say that grubs, worms, senkos, topwaters and frogs should all work and that’s pretty much what we caught all our fish on.  But the flipping bite was non-existent for some reason, especially when there are so many good targets to throw at!  I’m hoping that will change and will definitely have my flipping stick on board just in case.


The big expansive weed mats that we saw last August have not developed yet and all the bays and shoreline areas are accessible.  The water was 71 degrees on Sunday but who knows what all this rain will do.  There is a 10 mph speed limit on Kent as most of you know but that doesn’t mean no-wake.  Several boats I witnessed were pushing that limit and a few were on plane but I’m not sure I’d push the issue.  We should have a good turnout so hope to see everyone Saturday morning bright and early.  They should be biting!!

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Tourney Recap

The 2015 season is underway and what a start we had to kick of the SCMBC tournament trail.  The weather was the main player for the late May event held on Wamplers and Devils lake as the club held it’s first two day combined weight event ever.  Day one on Wamplers had the club fishing in mild weather but fronts blew through by the hour and every fishing condition imaginable confronted our anglers.  Day two on Devils didn’t have the variety, it was just cold, windy and rainy.


Saturday proved to be the better fishing day by far as 13 of the 20 anglers weighed in limits.  Bill Maurer sat in first with 13.08 pounds but several were within ounces as eight club members brought double digit bags to the scales.  Roy Albert and Mikey Getter both caught 4+ pound fish which were the biggest on Saturday and they both had big limits and hoped to challenge Bill at the halfway point.


Many techniques worked but the prevailing pattern consisted of throwing weighted plastics on the inside edges of weedlines to pick-off post-spawn largemouth.  Topwaters, jerkbaits, senkos and grubs all were mentioned as successful baits as the good fishing persisted while the big cold front approached.  Sunday though looked to be a different day.


With 5 bags exceeding 11 pounds heading into day two, there were high expectations on Devils but mother nature had other plans.  The T-thirt weather was gone, replaced by 55 degree rain and high winds.  Catching limits was difficult and just getting a few keepers seemed daunting.  With the tough conditions, there was a big  shake-up on the leaderboard as many Saturday studs  could never figure out the finicky bass and only 6 limits came to the scales.  Bill Maurer was one of the lucky ones to get 5 keepers and hold on as he brought in just over 9 pounds for a combined weight of 22.27 lbs to claim first place.  Jerry Smith climbed from 10th to second with day two’s biggest sack of 11.57 lbs for a combined total of 20.88 pounds and Leo knox finished third with a consistent 20.38 total weight.


Bill used a grub both days to capture the win, fishing weedlines for post-spawn largemouth.  Day two proved tougher as he had only one fish in the livewell late in the day but found a productive weed bed and milked it for five keepers.  Smith threw a jerkbait mainly for two days and was helped on day two with the tourney’s biggest bass, a 4.27 pound specimen that anchored his solid limit.  Most of the top finishers threw grubs or senko style lures for both days which is a typical pattern for post-spawn fish.


There were 20 anglers who fished the first event, the most since 2013 for the club.  Jerry Smith, Roy Albert and Mikey Getter all brought in 4+ pound fish during the event and six club members weighed-in limits both days of the event.  Our season will pick back up fathers day weekend when we head to Kent Lake for event #2.

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Wamplers / Devils Results (two day combined)

1.   Bill Maurer  (10 fish)  22.27 lbs

2.   Jerry Smith  (10)  20.88

3.   Leo Knox  (10)  20.38

4.   Art Honsinger  (8)  19.44

5.   Jim Rice  (10)  18.84

6.   Mark Dereadt  (10)  18.79

7.   Tim Chapman  (10)  17.39

8.   Roy Albert  (7)  16.28

9.   Mikey Getter  (7)  15.39

10.  Neil Johnson  (8)  13.70

11.  Scott Hartman  (6)  12.77

12.  Jim Vanaken  (7)  10.79

13.  Ethan Angstman  (5)  9.87

14.   Melissa Rice  (5)  8.84

15.  Dave Smith  (2)  4.02

16.  Patrick  Sherwood  (2)  2.90

17.  Chris Deitz  (2)  2.79

18.  Mike Maske  (0)

18.  Kathy Maurer  (0)

18.  Carolyn Johnson  (0)


Big Bass #1:  Jerry Smith  (4.27 lbs)

Big Bass #2:  Roy Albert  (4.24)

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Season Opener!

The meetings are all behind us, we wrapped up the Spring Open, now it’s time to start the regular season tournament trail.  It all begins this Saturday with a new tourney format, a two day combined weight event on Wamplers and Devils.  If this wasn’t enough to get everyone excited about the new season, add in the fact we have several new members and a “Classic” pot that could be the biggest in recent years.


We will begin Saturday morning at Wamplers which will run from 8-4pm.  Plan on registering between 7 and 7:30 and the drivers meeting will begin at 7:30.  This is the cut-off and anything after that will result in a penalty.  If the gates aren’t open then the meeting will take place outside of the boat launching area on Wamplers Lake Hwy then we’ll proceed to the launch after the gates open.  If the gates are open (which I doubt), we’ll meet at the launch as usual.


All of the weight will be carried over to Sunday’s portion of the tournament and that will run from 7-3pm.  Registration will be our normal 6-6:30 and drivers meeting will be at 6:30.  REMEMBER – everyone should be checked in by the drivers meeting and not doing so will result in a weight penalty or may not allow someone to fish.  Get there on time!


Hope to see everyone on Saturday, Jerry

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Spring Open Results 2015

1)  Mike Getter / Ed Crowden  (5 fish)  12.34 lbsgetter

2)  Terry and Doug Tucker  (5)  10.32 lbs

3)  Barnes/Robey  (5)  10.12

4)  Johnson/Holten  (5)  9.48

5)  Shirey/Rumsey  (5)  9.48

6)  Sipes/Feurqueron  (5)  8.42

7)  Ron and Eli Sanford  (5)  7.93

8)  Shankland/Personius  (4)  7.60

9)  Miller/Zahnier  (3)  7.20

10)  Jewell/Czarnecki  (4)  6.92

Big Bass #1:  Mikey Getter/Ed Crowden  (4.56 lbs)

Big Bass #2:  Ryan Gingras/Gary Miller  (3.60 lbs)


There were 35 teams who fished this year with only 21 of those weighing in fish.  Seven limits came to the scales and only Mikey Getters’ big bass exceeded the 4 pound mark.  There were only 4 other fish in the 3 pound category and many anglers commented on how tough the fishing was this year.  Thanks again to all the participants, everything ran smoothly and it was a great day to be on the water.


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Open Update

Just a quick update on the 2015 Spring Open this weekend on Center Lake.  As of Monday the 18th, we have 22 pre-paid teams that have already registered which is well ahead of previous years. We welcome anyone Saturday morning that wants to fish but insist on a limit of 49 boats.  That number probably won’t be reached but it may come close and we’d hate to turn anyone away.  Launch order as always is determined by registration order so the top 22 slots have already been assigned.  The weather is looking good so it looks to be a great fishing weekend.


Also, the entry fee is $60 for pre-registered teams and $70 for Saturday walk-ups and $10 per team for big bass which is optional.  We will also have a 50/50 raffle drawing right before launch.  We also urge everyone to check-in whether they are registered or not and the drivers meeting will begin at 5:15 in order to get everyone launched by 6am.  Hope to see everyone there!

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Open 2015


Scan pdf

The official registration forms for the 2015 Spring Open on Michigan Center have been mailed and should be arriving within the next day or so.  There is now a printable form on the website  which can be returned to the tournament director, same as the mailed flyers.  Access the form by clicking on the “Opens” tab and then printing the PDF file.  Launch order is determined by registration order so don’t delay in mailing them in.  Club members will also have a chance to pay entry fees at the club meeting, Thursday May 7th at the Legion Hall on Lansing Ave in Jackson.

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