St. Clair Directions

-I-94 east to Conner Ave (exit 220 B) and head east

-Conner for a few miles until it ends at the light on Jefferson

-Quick right on Jefferson

-Take Jefferson for about 1/2 mile and then left at the light on St. Jean st

-St. Jean st is short and will dead end so take a quick left and then a quick right to the city launch.

-$10 launch fee

The forecast is calling for rain in the early afternoon and maybe thunderstorms.  Bring your rain gear and keep the weather in mind if you are planning on making a long run.  The winds should be fairly light in the morning but can always kick up when bad weather comes in.  Drive safe!

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Lake St. Clair Reports

With the funky weather we’ve enjoyed lately the fishing on St. Clair has been equally undependable.  The water is still fairly cool, high 60′s last weekend, and the mayflies have still been present which may both be factors in the weird fishing.  The local tourney guys are still bringing in a 20+ pound limit here and there but they are not in abundance.  With the cooler water one might think the shallow bite would still be happening but that isn’t the case either.  You can still catch 2 pound fish in the 6-10 FOW range but that won’t do much come tournament time.

Many club members have been on the big pond lately and the reports are similar to what is being conveyed in the local forums.  Many of the better quality fish are coming deeper, much deeper than you’d expect this time of year.  The 14-17 FOW range is where many of these bigger limits are coming from and more so in the deeper range.  You might only get 8-12 bites a day but they will come in spurts and they are the 3 and 4 pounders that you need to do well.  Tubes, drop-shot rigs and crankbaits are all good tools for these depth ranges and many times it depends on the weather.

The weather is looking to stabilize towards the end of the week but rain is in the forecast for the weekend.  Moderate winds from the west are predicted but that is always certain to change 4 days from now.  Last season the club visited LSC twice and only Bill Maurer was able to crack the 16 pound barrier and he did that mostly with largemouth.  It will be a very unpredictable event, more so than in past years so the weigh-in should hold some drama, especially with the AOY race and “Classic” berths getting a little tighter.  Directions to the St. Jean launch will be posted soon.

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Ovid Patterns 2014

Lake Ovid has been known as a “big fish” lake ever since our club started fishing tournaments there 5 years ago and the 2014 version did little to change that reputation.  Although the number of fish catches was down quite a bit, a few big ones still bit, especially for Jim Rice who won the event with over 17 pounds of largemouth.  Jims’ limit was boosted by a 4.66 pound fish and he also had one just shy of 4 to win by a large margin.  Ovid has produced limits over 21 pounds during club events so it wasn’t a surprise to anyone to see such big numbers posted.

But not everyone caught them that good and only 3 limits came to the scales.  The fish catches were fairly low, probably due to the many fronts that passed through the area as the event was being held.  Many weighed-in just one or two fish but just about everyone had a good quality sized fish in their livewell.  Matt Zelenka finished second and Jerry Smith and Scott Rice rounded out the top 4 payouts.  Each had bags around the 10 pound range.

Speaking of Matt Zelenka, he might have fallen short of catching Jim for first place but he took over the “big bass” lead for the year as he hauled a 4.85 pound sow to the scales.  Matt only caught 4 fish on the day but the big one was enough to put him in second, his highest finish yet to date.

Ovid is characterized by it’s heavy weed growth and it’s milfoil mats and flipping heavily weighted plastics into the weed beds played a role in each of the top 3 finishers’ gameplan.  Jim Rice said he caught two flipping into the weeds, two on senko style worms and even got one on a buzzbait.  He was the only angler who reported actually culling fish during the derby.

Matt Zelenka also employed a “punch rig” during the tourney but caught fish on a topwater rat or mouse during the day.  He reported losing one that was over 4 pounds as well which bit in the same area where he landed the big one.  Had he landed it, things may have been a little more interesting at the weigh-in.  Jim’s win was his first of the year and jumped him from 3rd to 1st in the current Angler of the Year standings.

Tourney Notes:

-The 17 participants was the biggest turn out of the season to date.

-Jim Rices’ limit is the heaviest to date in the 2014 club season.

-Matt Zelenka owns the years’ big bass with his 4.85 pounder he caught on Ovid.

-Zelenka finished second despite only catching 4 keepers.

-Three anglers caught limits: Jim and Scott Rice and Jerry Smith.

-Lake Ovid produced the clubs’ big fish in 2012 and 2011.

-Rice’s win makes him the 5th different club angler to win each of the first 5 events.

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Ovid Results 2014

Lake Ovid (July 13th)

1.   Jim Rice  (5 fish)  17.27 lbs

2.   Matt Zelenka  (4)  10.71

3.   Jerry Smith  (5)  10.33

4.   Scott Rice  (5)  10.08

5.   Bill Maurer  (3)  7.15

6.   Roy Albert  (3)  5.46

7.   Leo Knox  (2)  5.43

8.   Mike Maske  (2)  4.48

9.   Jim Vanaken  (1)  3.93

10.  Ethan Angstman  (2)  3.82

11.  Melissa Rice  (1)  3.67

12.  Mark  Dereadt  (1)  2.89

13.  Art Honsinger  (1)  1.77

14.  Tim Chapman  0.00

14.  Ben Hidy  0.00

14.  Connie Honsinger  0.00

14.  Scott Hartman  0.00

Big Bass #1:  Matt Zelenka  4.86 lbs

Big Bass #2:  Jim Rice  4.66 lbs

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Ovid Reports

With the club visiting Lake Ovid this Sunday, it worked out great that Scott Hartman and I found an “Open” tournament on the St. Johns fishery this past Monday.  We could fish one of our favorite lakes and practice for the upcoming event.  Unfortunately our results were less than stellar.

We fished for 3 hours and had exactly 5 bites, landed 3 and weighed-in one small keeper.  As bad as that sounds, we finished 7th as 10 of the 17 teams blanked and it only took 3.5 lbs to take a 4th place check.  One team did catch a limit but it was only around 9 pounds.  Doesn’t sound like the Ovid I remember.

In defense of the lake, we had just come off a big Holiday weekend and several major fronts rolled through the area Monday.  Hopefully these factored into the low weights since Ovid is known as a big fish producer.  Only two fish over 3 pounds came to the scales during our event.

The lake seems similar to last year with the vegetation being very dense but not really matted like it was a few years back.  A cold spring and recent rains may be the cause of this but it definitely looks to be a few weeks behind schedule from what I remember.

This weeks event will take place at the Sleepy Hollow State Park with check-in @6:30 and tourney hours running from 7-3.  Roy Albert is the current AOY weight leader and usually does well on Ovid so he’ll be looking to incase his lead.  The current “Classic” cutoff is 7 anglers so those outside of the cut will be looking to move up at the seasons half way point.

Directions: 127 north to exit 91 (Price Rd) and head east.  Price road will dead end into the park and the launch is on the left.  Approximate travel time from Jackson is about an hour.

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Crystal Patterns

On a tough weather day, just finding 5 keeper fish was a chore last weekend at Crystal Lake and Roy Albert did just that in winning his first club event of the season.  High winds, rain storms and flat out tough fishing was what everyone dealt with and only 3 limits came to the scales and truthfully it was a surprise anyone caught 5.  Roy put in a full day of practice earlier in the week and found a few areas that contained fish and after making a few adjustments tourney day, he showed why he is the current Angler of the Year leader.

Crystal has a big population of small keeper fish and finding a few good ones was going to be the key to winning.  But the bad conditions made it even tough to fish, let alone catch keepers.  Roy noticed several deep pods of fish on his depthfinder, some as deep as 25 feet and that’s where he decided to concentrate his efforts.  He did get a few shallow but targeting fish outside of the breaks with grubs and senko’s  was the winning pattern.  Many fishermen were on the flats and fishing the inside weedlines but Roy went against the grain and it paid off.  Usually fish won’t get on the outside breaks until much later in the summer but keeping an open mind and targeting less pressured fish was the key.

The club has the 4th of July weekend off before we get back to work on Lake Ovid on Sunday the 13th.  It’s a big fish lake and many club members are looking forward to it.  Fishing reports for Ovid will come later in the week.  Happy 4th everyone.

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Crystal Results

1.   Roy Albert  (5 fish)  8.30 lbs

2.   Jerry Smith  (5)  7.64

3.   Mark Dereadt  (5)  7.58

4.   Matt Zelenka  (3)  6.43

5.   Leo Knox  (2)  4.32

6.   Melissa Rice  (2)  3.62

7.   Fred Enos  (1)  1.99

8.   Art Honsinger  (1)  1.51

9.   Trish Rice  (1)  1.47

10.  Jim Vanaken  (1)  1.37

11.  Jim Rice  (1)  1.30

12.  Scott Hartman  0.00

12.  Scott Rice  0.00

12.  Connie Honsinger  0.00

12.  Randy Peck  0.00

12.  Bill Maurer  0.00

Big Bass #1:  Leo Knox  3.13 lbs

Big Bass #2:  Matt Zelenka  2.78 lbs

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Crystal Preview

We’ve heard great things about this Central Michigan lake and this Sunday the club will see what it’s truly all about.  It’s a great looking body of water and a new one to the club so hopefully it will live up to it’s billing.  We’ve heard lots of on-the-water reports this week and everyone seems to be saying the same thing, “lots of numbers but very few big ones.”

From all I’ve gathered lately, getting a limit isn’t the problem on Crystal and many should come to the scales at days end.  Many fish in the 13″ to 15″ inch range are very eager to bite and it should be a fun tournament from a “fish catching” aspect.  The lake does contain smallmouth and a few 3 pounders were reported so whoever can make that happen Sunday will be at a huge advantage.

All the usual tactics are working, senko’s, crankbaits, grubs and spinnerbaits and most of the fish are still fairly shallow and have not moved to the deep edges in big numbers.  The weather could get a little crazy tournament day with hot, humid air temps and a chance of rain and decent winds.  This may keep some of the heavy recreational traffic off the lake and may make the fishing even better.  Of course the lake isn’t that big and boaters will always be an issue and who believes the weather man anymore?

My guess is that lots of limits come to the weigh-in and whoever gets that big fish will have a great shot at winning.  Tourneys like this usually take 9-11lbs to win and I don’t think this will be any different.  Drive safe everyone and hope the big mamma’s are biting!

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