Schedule Dates

-Spring Open (Michigan Center Chain) -  Saturday, May 23rd

-Wamplers / Devils – TBA

-Kent Lake - Saturday, June 20th

-Lake St. Clair - Sunday, July 12th

-Lake Ovid – Sunday, July 26th

-Grand River – Sunday, August 9th

-Wixom – Saturday, August 22

-Sanford – Sunday, August 23rd

-Bawbeese – Sunday, September 13th

-Fall Open (Wamplers) - Saturday, September 20th

-Club Classic (TBD) - Sunday, September 27th

One of the best parts of being tournament director is setting the schedule each season.  With a couple of new lakes on the schedule in 2015 it is even more interesting trying to tie everything together and make it feasible for everyone to be able to compete and do well and I think we’ve done that for this season.  One thing that you’ll notice is the Devils/Wamplers combined weight tournament does not have a date associated with it as of yet.  This will be our first regular club event and will take place in May but we are awaiting the DNR’s decision on the upcoming bass season.  Word is they may extend the catch and keep season starting in late April so if that happens our first tourney will be in early May.  Otherwise look for it to take place the weekend after the Spring Open which would be May 30/31th.  This should be resolved by early March.

Some lakes fish good no matter when we schedule them like St. Clair and Wixom so those were placed in traditionally slower times of the year.  The Grand River is in August as well but since it is a river system, it may fish a little better than our normal natural lakes.  One other thing that is a little different is the Kent Lake event.  Due to club feedback, many like fishing tourneys on Fathers Day but felt this interfered with family gatherings.  Scheduling our event on Saturday still leaves the actual “Fathers Day” holiday open so I hope this will work out for all of our fathers.

As tourney director I try and put us on lakes where our fish catches will be maximized and I feel we’ve achieved that.  The majority of our schedule takes place within an hours drive of Jackson and with gas prices low, we hope to have great participation in 2015.  Remember the tourney rules and club constitution will be discussed at the February meeting and all are urged to attend.  We will resume our normal meeting rotation on the first Thursday of the month at the Legion Hall on Lansing Ave in Jackson.

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2015 Schedule

Out of towners:  Wixom Lake / Sanford Lake

Locals:  St. Clair, BawBeese, Grand River (Lansing), Kent Lake and Sleepy Hollow (Ovid)

Two Day total weight local:  Wamplers / Devils

The Wixom Sanford weekend will be two seperate tournaments taking place on the same weekend.  The two day total weight event will be one tournament with weight from both Wamplers and Devils being added together to determine the winner.  All other tourneys will be one day events.  The dates we be confirmed late this winter but the July tournaments are pretty much set in stone now.  Lake St. Clair will be the Sunday, July 12th and Ovid will be July 26th.

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January Meeting

Just a reminder that Wednesday night is the January meeting for the club and it’s usually a big one.  We will select lakes for the upcoming season and collect dues for those not signed up yet.  It is always the most attended meeting of the season and for good reason.  Hope to see everyone at the Legion Hall on Lansing Ave tomorrow night and have a game plan in mind.  There should be some interesting debate as always.

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December Bassin’

Some guys end the bass season when our tournament calendar ends in late September, just before it starts getting a little chilly.  Some of the die hards will fish through the fall and keep the boat out until gun season opens up and try to capitalize on the fall feeding frenzy.  But then there a few of us who refuse to put the boat away until the waters have frozen over and I’d have to put myself and fellow club member Jim Vanaken into that select category.

Jimmy V and I set personal records by actually getting the boat out on December 13th and doing a little bass fishing down on lake Erie.  We fished a small warm water discharge river near Monroe and despite the cold air temps (high 30’s), the water was in the 50’s and the fish were biting.  We didn’t slaughter them but caught about 9 or so and both of us got 4 pounders which made the cold boat ride worth it.   Our best five went around 16 pounds which is great for anytime of the year let alone a month when we’re usually ice fishing.

Jim used his signature wacky rigged senko for most of his fish while all mine came on a silver buddy that I ripped off the bottom.  We also caught several bonus fish, carp, drum and even a gar pike which made the trip that much more exciting.  The forecast doesn’t look too promising for any more outings so that may have been it but we had a blast and i’ll be OK with that.  It’s a long time until spring and our little voyage might be just enough to last me until then hopefully.

The club will meet in January on Wednesday the 7th so keep that on the calendar because it’s a big event.  It’s our lake selection meeting and should be well attended so start planning on where everyone wants to fish and remember, if you don’t vote then you may not get your lake on the schedule!  Hope to see everyone there.

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Tourney Format

After a long debate, the 2015 tournament schedule took a big step towards completion at the December club meeting last Thursday.  Several motions were made and discussed and ultimately rejected until the club came to a consensus and it will look unlike anything we’ve ever had at SCMBC.  Here is the format:

-(2 tournaments) out of town weekend event, no mileage restrictions

-(1 tourney) on any lake within 110 miles of Jackson

-(1 tourney) on any lake within 60 miles of Jackson.  This will be a two day cumulative weight event taking place on one weekend

-(4 tourneys) on any lake within 60 miles of Jackson

To make it simple, we will fish 8 tournaments but will actually fish 9 days with the cumulative weight 2 day event.  This is something new to the club and a wrinkle that had been talked about for years but is finally on the schedule.  Many big events are multiple day tourneys and it will be intriguing to see how this plays out at our club level.

The two day, two tournament out-of-towner is something SCMBC has done for years and something most look forward to fishing every season.  We’ve been all over the state on previous events but have kept it local as well so it will be interesting once the lakes are selected at the January meeting.

Having 5 tournaments within an hours drive was something the club looked to do to keep costs down and there are many staples that will fall under the mileage restrictions.  Wamplers, Center, Devils, Ovid, Kent and Goguac are all candidates.  There has also been talk of trying to get the Lansing Grand River and Bruin Chain locations on the 2015 schedule but we have a few weeks to research our venues.

It was a great meeting with a good turnout so 2015 looks like it’s off to a good start.  Start the lake research and we’ll do it again in a few weeks!

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Club News

Most in the bass club aren’t really focused on fishing right now but there are many things happening in the fishing industry.  First off, there are huge sales going on this coming week so keep your eyes peeled for deals.  Tackle Warehouse, Bass Pro Shops and even Cabelas have sales going on, in the stores and online.  Tackle Warehouse will be offering 20% off it’s online tackle offerings starting Black Friday and there are very few places you can find tackle cheaper.  Check your tackle and with it’s free shipping on orders over $50 incentive, it’s hard to beat.

The club will hold it’s first 2015 meeting in December and we will begin to build the new schedule as we vote on the tourney format.  It’s a great time to talk some fishing during the winter season and take your mind off the busy holiday season for a few minutes.

And lastly, there is still some open water and biting bass somewhere.  If the boats aren’t put away already, there are some hogs putting on the feedbag so dress up and head out one more time.  I know a few in the club are still planning on going and would love to share their stories at the next club meeting.  Hope to see everyone there.

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Club Banquet 2014

The club officially ended it’s 2014 campaign with the annual banquet held at Steaks Eatery in Jackson.  Jim Rice took home his 8th Angler of the Year jacket as well as several first place trophies and if that wasn’t enough, some more fishing tackle.  He wasn’t the only one taking hardware and gear home as most of the members won something which is why everyone looks forward to the event every season.  It’s a little depressing seeing the season come to a close but it’s a great time and a tradition that should continue for years.

Melissa Rice did a great job organizing the dinner and it ran flawlessly, and special thanks to Kathy Maurer for helping with everything.  Scott Hartman was the unofficial head of the trophy committee and did an outstanding job as usual.  And the MC for the night was Art Honsinger who seems like he was born for that job.  Everything went well and the club just wanted to thank all of those who made it that way.

The Basscasters will begin looking forward to the 2015 season when they gather at the December meeting on the 4th at the Legion Hall at @7pm.  On the itinerary will be the format for next season which is basically how many tourneys and mileage restrictions for the upcoming season.  We usually have one of the biggest turnouts for the December and January meetings and club dues are usually paid then as well.

But before we start a new season it’s always good to look back on 2014 and reflect on what a great club and great members we have around us.  Let’s hope 2015 can compare and I’m sure many are looking forward to it already!

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2014 Stats

Here are a few interesting stats from the SCMBC 2014 season:

Number of participants in each club tournament:

-Cadillac  (14 entries)

-Mitchell (12)

-Michigan Center (14)

-Crystal (16)

-Ovid (17)

-St. Clair #1 (18)

-Kent (16)

-Wixom #1 (15)

-Wixom #2 (9)

-St. Clair #2 (18)

Here are the number of limits caught at each event:

Cadillac  (6 limits)

Mitchell  (6)

Michigan Center  (1)

Crystal  (3)

Lake Ovid  (3)

St. Clair #1  (12)

Kent  (8)

Wixom #1  (7)

Wixom #2  (3)

St. Clair #2  (11)

Biggest bass of the year:

1.  Bill Maurer  5.74 lbs (Wixom)

2.  Jerry Smith  4.88 lbs (St. Clair)

3.   Matt Zelenka  4.86 lbs (Lake Ovid)

4.  Jim Rice  4.66 lbs (Lake Ovid)

5.  Mike Maske  4.64 lbs (Kent Lake)

Biggest Limits weighed-in for 2014:

1)  17.63 lbs  Jerry Smith  (St. Clair)

2)  17.27 lbs  Jim Rice  (Lake Ovid)

3)  16.27 lbs  Scott Rice  (Kent Lake)

4)  16.18 lbs  Bill Maurer  (Wixom)

5)  15.28 lbs  Neil Johnson  (St. Clair)

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