Wixom Results 2015

Wixom Lake (August 21st)

1.   Jerry Smith  (5 fish)  13.76 lbs

2.   Mark Dereadt  (5)  12.77

3.   Ethan Angstman  (5)  12.52

4.   Bill Maurer  (5)  12.12

5.   Scott Rice  (5)  11.82

6.   Jim Vanaken  (5)  9.93

7.   Art Honsinger  (5)  9.23

8.   Melissa Rice  (5)  7.91

9.   Leo Knox  (4)  7.71

10.  Jim Rice  (4)  7.35

11.  Matt Zelenka  (3)  5.24

12.  Roy Albert  (2)  4.82

13.  Connie Honsinger  (2) 4.31

14.  Tim Chapman  (2)  3.40

Big Bass #1:  Mark Dereadt  (3.79 lbs)

Big Bass #2:  Jerry Smith  (3.55 lbs)

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Girls rule in 2015

2015 has been a crazy year for the club and there are no signs that normalcy will return this weekend when we visit Wixom and Sanford.  melissa ovidAfter five events the ladies have won three times and the two biggest bass of the season belong to Connie Honsinger (5.45 lbs) and Melissa Rice (5.44 lbs).  Not that anyone is surprised but it’s something we’ve never seen before in the club, such a domination by our girls.  Nobody is complaining, especially their husbands if they know what’s good for them, and they’ll look to continue the hot streaks this weekend.


Wixom will be Saturday and will run from 7-3 at the DNR launch on Dundas Rd.  Directions from Jackson are to take 127 north to Ithaca and exit on Bagley Rd just before the curve.  Take a quick right and head west on Washington and then head north on Barry Rd.  This will take you to M46 which is Monroe Rd and take that east.  46 will run into County Line Rd which is also Meridian or M-30.  This will head north for 20 miles or so, into the town of Sanford and up to Edenville where it crosses Wixom Lake.  Veer onto Dundas and the launch is on the left.


Sanford will be Sunday at the county park which is located on Irish St.  The same directions apply but turn left and head west on Saginaw St. in Sanford and take that to Smith St which will run up to Irish St.  You can also access the park from US 10 by taking exit 114 and heading south on W River Rd and taking that to Irish St.

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Grand River Results

1.   Connie Honsinger  (3 fish)  10.38 lbs

2.   Jerry Smith  (5)  10.26

3.   Bill Maurer  (5)  10.00

4.   Scott Rice  (5)  7.53

5.   Ethan Angstman  (3)  6.43

6.   Jim Vanaken  (5)  5.83

7.   Mark Dereadt  (3)  4.90

8.   Art Honsinger  (2)  4.06

9.   Jim Rice  (2)  3.63

10.  Dave Smith  (1)  2.11

11.  Craig Deck  (1)  2.02

12.  Melissa Rice  (1)  1.68

13.  Tim Chapman  0.00

13.  Mike Maske  0.00

13.  Roy Albert  0.00

13.  Matt Zelenka  0.00

Big Bass #1:  Connie Honsinger  (5.45 lbs)

Big Bass #2:  Ethan Angstman  (3.70 lbs)

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Directions to Grand River Park

Here are some directions to the launch at the Grand River. Check in from 6 to 630, drivers meeting at 630. Tournament runs 7am to 3pm.

Take 127 north out of Jackson

Continue on 127 and take 496w towards downtown lansing

take exit 4 off 496 lansing Rd/W Main Street

continue on Lansing rd for .2 mi then turn left into grand river park. follow to the left the launch is next to the Michigan Princess Riverboat.  3004 W Main Street lansing mi 48917 is the address of the launch.

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Ovid Results 2015

Lake Ovid (July 26)

1.   Mark Dereadt  (5 fish)  14.05 lbs

2.   Connie Honsinger  (4)  13.07

3.   Leo Knox  (4)  11.79

4.   Bill Maurer  (5)  11.73

5.   Jim Rice  (4)  11.54

6.   Chris Deitz  (4)  9.87

7.   Matt Zelenka  (2)  7.10

8.   Roy Albert  (3)  6.48

9.   Jerry Smith  (3)  6.31

10.  Art Honsinger  (3)  6.13

11.  Scott Rice  (2)  5.55

12.  Melissa Rice  (1)  5.44

13.  Mike Maske  (2)  4.67

14.  Jim Vanaken  (1)  3.04

15.  Tim Chapman  0.00

15.  Scott Hartman  0.00

15.  Neil Johnson  0.00

15.  Ethan Angstman  0.00

15.  Patrick Sherwood  0.00

15.  Dave Smith  0.00

Big Bass #1:  Melissa Rice  (5.44 lbs)

Big Bass #2:  Mark Dereadt  (5.01 lbs)

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3 in a row?

Now that Melissa Rice won her first tournament, it seems like old hat to her as she went back to back with a Lake St. Clair win.  She used her signature smoke and gold grub to bring in nearly 15 pounds en route to the win and her boating partner Scott took third place.  They fished on the Canadian side of the lake in 9 feet of water in a spot they have brought in heavy limits from in the past.  Four of the top five finishers also fished Canadian water with Mike Maske being the only one who fished U.S. waters as he brought in 14.53 lbs on a spinnerbait.


The club will fish tourney #4 this Sunday on Lake Ovid in the Sleepy Hollow state park.  The event will run from 7-3pm and the launch can be accessed by taking 127 north to Exit 91 (Price Rd).  Head east for 5 miles until the 4-way stop sign which is at the park entrance.  After entering, take a quick left to the launch.

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LSC Results 2015

1.   Melissa Rice  (5 fish)  14.64 lbs

2.   Mike Maske  (5)  14.53

3.   Scott Rice  (5)  14.35

4.   Bill Maurer  (5)  14.12

5.   Neil Johnson  (5)  13.68

6.   Mike Pritchard  (5)  13.4

7.   Jim Rice  (5)  13.28

8.   Trish Rice  (5)  12.92

9.   Jim Vanaken  (5)  12.78

10.  Mark Dereadt  (5)  11.85

11.  Roy Albert  (5)  11.66

12.  Art Honsinger  (5)  11.6

13.  Scott Hartman  (5)  10.35

14.  Jerry Smith  (5)  10.16

15.  Jay Dereast  (5)  9.94

16.  Craig Deck  (4)  9.70

17.  Leo Knox  (4)  9.7

18.  Tim Chapman  (4)  9.35

19.  Ethan Angstman  (4)  6.99

20.  Mikey Getter  (2)  3.83

21.  Matt Zelenka  0.00

21.  Tanya Pritchard  0.00

21.  Dave Smith  0.00

Big Bass #1:  Mike Maske  (4.09 lbs)

Big Bass #2:  Neil Johnson  (3.62 lbs)

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Kent Patterns

The Kent Lake tournament took place Fathers Day weekend and what a great event to win for one of our many fathers fishing that day.  But unfortunately for our fellas, one of our female members decided to spoil the party and bring in almost 16 pounds to win the seasons second event.  It was Melissa Rices first club win and she didn’t care which holiday it fell on.  She was kind enough to share a few details about her big victory.


MelissaMelissas husband Scott won the 2014 event on Kent and she was a spectator in the back of the boat.  But this time around she turned the tables on not only her husband but the rest of the club.  The couple fished the same weedline as they did last year but Melissa fished the shallow edge of a small corner of the vegetation while her husband threw out deep.  She commented that all of her fish came from 6-8 fow and all fell prey to a twin tail grub.  She stated that the color was the biggest factor which was a black with gold fleck.  The color is currently out of production in that particular bait but she’s literally scoured the country looking for that exact one which she fished on a 1/4 oz. jighead.


The most amazing stat of the win is that Melissa only caught 5 fish that day while Scott culled several times but only brought 10+ pounds to the weigh-in.  She used a spinning rod to throw the grub and used straight braid for line.  Congrats on the big win Melissa, and many in the club hope she can’t get her hands on more of that “secret” color.


The club will resume it’s regular season this weekend on Lake St. Clair at the St. Jean street launch.  The best way to St. Jean will be to take I-94 east and exit on 220B which is Connor Ave.  Take Connor east until is ends on Jefferson.  Take a quick right and a left at the first light and follow the signs to the city owned ramp on St. Jean street.

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