LSC Results 2016

Lake St. Clair Results 2016Fisherman Jim Rice

1.   Jim Rice  16.19 lbs

2.   Mike Pritchard  13.21

3.   Scott Rice  12.97

4.   Mark Dereadt  12.92

5.   Jay Dereadt  9.73

6.   Jim Vanaken  9.65

7.   Bill Maurer  8.82

8.   Tim Chapman  8.50

9.   Jerry Smith  8.45

10.  Leo Knox  4.47

11.  Ethan Angstman  3.75

12.  Melissa Rice  2.53

13.  Dave Smith  2.31

14.  Roy Albert  0.00

14.  Tanya Pritchard  0.00

14.  Leonard Chisea  0.00

14.  Kathy Maurer  0.00

14.  Mike Maske  0.00

14.  Trish Rice  0.00



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Just a quick reminder on how to get to the St. Jean Ramp this weekend for the St. Clair tournament.  Take I-94 east from Jackson and exit at 220a which is Connor Ave and the Detroit City Airport exit.  Connor will dead end in a few miles into Jefferson and take a right on Jefferson.  Take this for about 1/2 mile and then go left at the light which is St. Jean St.  You will dead end about 1/4 mile later, take a quick left then a right into the launch.  Drive safe

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Event #3

Just a reminder that the third club event of 2016 will be held on Lake St. Clair this weekend, going out of the St. Jean launch.  Check in time will be from 6-6:30 am and tournament hours will be 7-3pm.  The weather is going to be excellent and current wind forecasts shouldn’t be a factor.  This is usually the most attended event of the regular season and for good reason.  Hope to see everyone there!

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Wixom Results

1.   Jim Vanaken  (5 fish)  15.51 lbs

2.   Jim Rice  14.09

3.   Bill Maurer  12.12

4.   Tim Chapman  11.30

5.   Art Honsinger  10.82

6.   Mark Dereadt  10.33

7.   Leo Knox  9.91

8.   Roy Albert  9.00

9.   Mike Pritchard  8.23

10.  Scott Rice  8.20

11.  Kathy Maurer  7.36

12.  Melissa Rice  5.06

13.  Mikey Getter  3.28

14.  Leonard Chiesa  2.86

15.  Dave Smith  0.00

15.  Tanya Pritchard  0.00

Big Bass:  Jim Vanaken 4.08lbs

Big Bass:  Jim Rice  4.08lbs

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Wixom up next

Just a reminder to all members that our regular season gets back in action this weekend up at Wixom Lake.  The event will launch out of the DNR ramp on Dundas rd Sunday and will run from 7-3pm.  This is event #2 and should be a tournament that will result in some big weights like it normally does.  We have been there in August the last two seasons but the late June event should make things a little interesting this time around.  Registration will run right up to the mandatory drivers meeting at 6:30am.  Hope to see everyone there!

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Wamplers results

1.   Scott Rice  (5 fish)  11.68 lbs

2.   Bill Maurer  (5)  9.74

3.   Art Honsinger  (5)  9.26

4.   Mark Deraedt  (5)  9.16

5.   Leo Knox  (5)  8.90

6.   Jim Rice  (5)  8.31

7.  Roy Albert  (3)  6.92

8.   Mikey Getter  (3)  5.11

9.   Kathy Maurer  (2)  3.53

10.  Leonard Chiesa  (1)  3.52

11.  Jim Vanaken  (2)  3.34

12.  Jerry Smith  (2)  3.18

13.  Melissa Rice  (2)  2.80

14.  Dave Smith  0.00

Big Bass #1:  Deonard Shiesa  (3.52)

Big Bass #2:  Scott Rice  (3.39)

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2016 Spring Open Results

gary miller1.   Gary Miller/Ryan Gingores  14.07 lbs

2.   Ron Queen/Jeff Williams  13.40 lbs

3.   Matt Morgan/Nick Neves  12.19 lbs

4.   Shane Sherwood/Joe Wyant  11.73 lbs

5.   Shawn Purcell/Gary Purcell  11.13 lbs

6.   Jerry Smith/Ethan Angstman  10.94 lbs


Big Bass:  Sherwood/Wyant  4.21 lbs

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Spring Open quickly approaching

For those of you still dragging your feet, the annual SCMBC “Spring Open” is this coming Saturday at Michigan Center.  We have been receiving last minute entries all week and will probably continue to do so until Friday night.  You still can register to fish the morning of the event but it will cost you an additional $10 and a late boat draw.  But many wait until then and that’s just fine, come on out if you still want to fish.


Registration will end at 5:15 which will be followed by the boaters meeting.  Even if you are pre-registered, please show up to sign in so the tourney director can verify all the entries.  There will be a quick livewell check also so be prepared for that and parking is at a premium so carpool if possible.  It’s going to be warm but rain possible so dress accordingly.

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